Como Trabajamos

We analyse and study each brand’s unique situation, taking into account the personal requirements each client may have in order to produce effective and long-term solutions.
We are dedicated to find simple yet coherent strategies that help bridge the gap between the brands we work with and their communities. We are convinced that behind any good brand lies is a strong strategy, which doesn’t fail to yield fast results.
At Woodman Projects we are committed to solving problems, which is why we never let our artistic practice get in the way of the functional.


Behind Woodman Projects lies a passionate, human team with a strong work ethic and boundless mindset.

Our creative director and designer, Santiago Palou Boix, has been working as a designer for over twenty years. As well as having worked with the prestigious firm Pentagram in London alongside figures such as Fernando Gutierrez, Santiago also has extensive teaching experience in both design and typography. Furthermore, he has collaborated with some of the most well known figures of the Spanish golden age of design, such as Norberto Chávez and América Sánchez.

Anabel Ribas and Nila Crespi are responsible for administration and management as partners of the company. They also take care of all copyright, strategy and communication content. Coming from the field of audio visual communication, their decade-long experience ranges from television and documentary production to journalism and womenswear design.

Merging their talents together, the team works dynamically in order to provide a unique, profound and global perspective onto each and every project they take on board.

Servicios de Branding:

Identidad visual y marca gráfica.
Estrategia y desarrollo de marca.
Arquitectura de marca
Estrategia de comunicación.
Identidad verbal: NAMING (nombre de la marca),
Slogans y tag Lines.
Contenido verbal (copywriting para webs, folletos, anuncios…)
Diseño de señalética.
Diseño de packaging
Diseño editorial
Diseño de comunicación gráfica
Coordinación y gestión de producción
Asesoría y consutoría de comunicación

Servicios Digitales:

Diseño y desarrollo de sitios web.
Arquitectura de información.
Diseño de interfaces (UI)
Experiencia de Usuario (UX)
Análisis de usabilidad.
Consultoría y seguimiento de Marketing online
Gestión de publicidad SEM (Adwords y Facebook-Ads)
Comunity Management y RRSS
Diseño, producción y realización audiovisual
Diseño de materiales digitales.



  • ABSM, Associació Balear de Salud Mental
  • Ajuntament de Pollença
  • Ametlla de Mallorca
  • Antonia Crespí
  • APEAM, Asociación Provincial de Empresas de Actividades Marítimas
  • Arabella Golf
  • Arxiu del So i de la Imatge


  • Bach Immobilien
  • Barceló Corporació Empresarial
  • Blue & Sand
  • Bombolini


  • Canyamel
  • Catamaranes Attraction
  • Chalet Twinkle
  • Consell de Mallorca
  • Crea Interiorismo
  • CSV, construcciones

  • Edicions Monterrey
  • Edicions Ca S’illenc
  • Elite Yatchs
  • Engel & Volkers
  • Bou Ros
  • Es Rebost
  • Excellence Mindset


  • Finca Es Fangar
  • Finca Ses Algorfes
  • Fundació Aca
  • Fundació Deixalles
  • Fundació Mallorca Turisme
  • Fundació Orígens


  • Go Consulting
  • Govern Balear, Hasienda
  • Govern Balear, IDI
  • Govern Balear, Presidència
  • Gourmed
  • GoWineing


  • Molinar Estudi de Cuina

  • JJ Nadal


  • La Perifèrica Produccions
  • L’Ètrangere


  • Sa Bassa Rotja
  • Sa Bastida
  • Side Up+A
  • SintesBarreth
  • Son Corb Boutique Hotel
  • Son Vida


  • Malabarium
  • Mallorcasite
  • Museu de Mallorca
  • Museu de Pollença


  • Nico Guevara
  • N&M Concept Store
  • Niu Arquitectura
  • Norice

  • Ochslabs Europe
  • Ortodoncia Font


  • Pilar Fortuny
  • Ports de les Illes Balears


  • Teixits Vicens
  • The Thomas Circus
  • The Lodge


  • VerdaKoko


  • Whitestudio
  • Whitestudio Caribe

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